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The RMCE™ is a unique new mutual credit based exchange system wherein the people issue or create and control their own debt-free, non-political money and credit within a true private enterprise process. The RMCE is a powerful tool of empowerment and is the unifying agent which will bring the people together in a way that will bring about a peaceful end to almost all of the ever increasing socialistic encroachments upon our individual rights and freedoms. It will bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all people when fully realized. But it will only happen if YOU want it to happen and by YOUR personal involvement. So please, spread the word and meantime learn all you can about it.

Update: It looks like we will finally be going live with an RMCE Demo version very soon. As soon as it is ready it will be posted here. The Demo version will be mostly functional except actual trades are for educational purposes ONLY. Also, some of the functions explicit with the RMCE do not work in this Demo model. Then hopefully later this Spring or Summer of 2014 we will be going live with the fully functioning RMCE model on it's own Domain.

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More than anything else, we need your involvement and participation with the Demo when we launch it. There is nothing more important to learn about than what money really is and it's relationship to freedom and liberty, as you will learn more about below. With the Demo you will see how simple it is through normal buying and selling to make a real difference for the sake of all humanity as well as yourself.

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Thank you all for your interest,
Laurence Gilbert, Founder
Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™

Something To Think About

It is interesting that the lives of people world-wide today literally revolve around this thing called "money", yet in reality most people simply have no clue about it's broader controlling functions and how it's present "controllers" use our ignorance of 'money' against us continually to steal our productive wealth.

The fact of the matter is that improper creation and control of money and credit ( I call this The Money Power ) is the single greatest instrument or tool that certain people have used to enslave the common people for many hundreds, even thousands, of years now. All of the inequities and injustices we see in the whole world are almost exclusively the result of this 'Money Power' in the hands of a few unscrupulous, greedy and power-hungry men. So, if we wish to change this horrible reality, then we need to become educated about "money" and determine to remove the Money Power from these people. It needs to be restored to it's rightful owners, that being you and me.

You see, taking the responsibility for the Money Power unto ourselves as explained and described by E. C. Riegel is the single most important thing we can do which will make a positive and lasting difference in our world going forward. There is nothing else which will have a greater effect upon world affairs than doing this. All of the evils of our time point to the fact that WE, the People, are the actual cause due to our ignorance, neglect and apathy regarding our personal responsibility to secure unto ourselves the Money Power. As Mr. Riegel stated:
"To desire freedom is an instinct. To secure it requires intelligence. It must be comprehended and self—asserted. To petition for it is to stulify oneself, for a petitioner is a confessed subject and lacks the spirit of a freeman. To rail and rant against tyranny is to manifest inferiority, for there is no tyranny but ignorance; to be conscious of one's powers is to lose consciousness of tyranny. Self government is not a remote aim. It is an intimate and inescapable fact. To govern oneself is a natural imperative, and all tyranny is the miscarriage of self government. The first requisite of freedom is to accept responsibility for the lack of it."
This is what the Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™ ( RMCE ) is all about. The RMCE™ in application takes the Money Power away from the greedy Banking Elite and Government and puts it squarely in the hands of the people in a true Free Market environment. It is a unique new alternative monetary system that truly is "Of, By and For the People". The fundamental goal here is the "empowerment of the common people". Until we achieve that, we will always be controlled, manipulated and robbed, i.e., we will continue to be a slave at one level or another, at best always running here and there "chasing freedom", but never really experiencing it.

Henry Kissinger said:
"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world".
I believe the truth of that statement is finally beyond questioning today.

The Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™ was founded and based upon the extensive writing and efforts of E. C. Riegel from the 1920s till his death in 1954. The following quote by Mr. E. C. Riegel best lays forth the incredible knowledge and vision this man had of the intimate relationship between the Money Power and liberty; how they simply cannot be separated; how all of the important things in life we all hope for, such as freedom, liberty, prosperity and peace, simply cannot exist unless we have absolute access to an abundant supply of money as needed to exchange freely among ourselves.

Money Power In You - There is a treasure buried in your consciousness. If you will dig it up from the debris of superstition and fear that covers it you will gain a freedom and self-mastery that will lift your life to a higher plane. This is the money power in you. The power to create money with which to purchase wealth, health and happiness actually lies dormant within you. You have thought of the money power as something remote from you and beyond your grasp. You have dreamed of the good you could and would do if you had money power. You have blamed others for not accomplishing this good. You have blamed them for evil economic and political conditions; for unemployment, for poverty, for crime, for war. It is quite logical to blame these maladies upon the malfunction of the money power, but you have not suspected that the money power resides in you and because of your failure to exert it the world is afflicted with miseries. You have the power; you have the responsibility. The power and responsibility to banish poverty, unemployment, insecurity, misery and war rests entirely with you. You, in cooperation with other intelligent persons, can drive economic and political evils further and further from the area of your life and ultimately they may be driven from the face of the earth. You can do this by the money power in you, expressed first in your own prosperity and happiness, and radiating to others. You can do it and you must do it. There is no power outside of you that can bring these blessings to you. Petitioning the Government is like writing to Santa Claus. You need no laws - there is a law, a natural law that governs your money power. You need no government aid. You need only cooperation with and from persons who, like you, have resolved to exert the money power inherent in us all. This power in each of us needs only the recognition and respect of our fellows to spring forth and exert its blessings. We need not petition Congress and we need not waste time to denounce bankers, for they can neither help nor hinder our natural right to extend credit to each other, and this is the perfect basis for a money system.
Please check out the following informative links about the Riegel Exchange System including 3 books by Mr. E. C. Riegel, the man who brought all of this information forward over 60 years ago. These books are in PDF format to read online or download.

Book 1: New Approach To Freedom

Book 2: Private Enterprise Money

Book 3:

An article: RMCE_Advantages

( Next is an introductory work about E.C. Riegel - a very helpful first read )
About E. C. Riegel

Be sure to check out the educational page where you will find a list of educational articles, downloadable PowerPoint programs, and important links. This list will grow as I have time to update it. It will be categorized as the list grows. You can access it by clicking the following link:
Education Page

I want to personally invite you to take a look at a site hosted by a good friend of mine called "Freedom Reigns". Deatra Loomer owns this site and hosts a radio show on BlogTalk Radio by the same name. She has devoted her life to educating people about local community support and taking back our freedoms one community at a time. Please check out her site at Freedom Reigns.

Also, learn the truth about how and why we come to find ourself in a reality of ever increasing repression right here in the supposed "Land of the Free". L. B. Bork is the authority on this historical information. His book the "The Red Amendment" lays out an absolute trail of fraud and deception like no other work to date. But more, it offers the only totally lawful and effective remedial process to remove oneself from the current deFacto legal system now in place. Check it out at:

Finally, here is a very well done and powerful video I encourage you to watch to learn more about the 'Money Power' problem:

This video is helpful in explaining a great deal about the historical fraud that has been perpetrated against us to this day.

I thank you again for your interest. We all need to begin to work together at creating a better world. The necessity to trade and exchange among ourselves is the one thing that we all have in common. Thus it is only logical that establishing a monetary and exchange system that unites and empowers 'we the people' is the single most important thing that we can do. This is the foundational priciple of the RMCE. Bringing the RMCE forward is our ultimate instrument of unity and self-empowerment and the remedy to the escalating problems of the world when it comes to experiencing any real and lasting liberty, freedom & peace.

Do feel free to contact me at any time with your thoughts, suggestions or questions. That's how the RMCE™ will come about, through people just like you.

For Peace, Liberty and Prosperity,
Laurence Gilbert

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