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Welcome to the Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™ Education Page. Please bookmark for future reference and check back in often. Exciting new plans, information and updates for the proposed Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™ will be forthcoming soon.

On this page you will find a list of educational PDF articles, downloadable PowerPoint programs, important videos and other important links. This list will grow as I have time to update it. It will be categorized as the list grows.

For Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for All, I AM,
Laurence Gilbert, Founder
Riegel Mutual Credit Exchange™

PDF Documents about the RMCE™

Here is an article which points out some of the basic advantages of the RMCE. You can read it below either in HTML or PDF. To download this to your computer, use the second PDF link:
RMCE Advantages
or PDF here:
RMCE Advantages PDF

The next item is an interactive word doc file listing all kinds of things you can do to make money. It is designed to spur your imagination and thus empower you. We invite you to add your own ideas to it, save it in word or RTF, and then send it back to us so we can update it and share with others:

PDF eBooks and papers by Riegel:

Book 1: New Approach To Freedom

Book 2: Private Enterprise Money

Book 3:

Next is an introductory work about E.C. Riegel - a very helpful first read ):
About E. C. Riegel

PowerPoints and eBooks - These are all done by Thomas Greco.

Here you will find a number of informative PowerPoint programs done by Thomas Greco. Mr. Greco is a well-known and respected economist and has taught the Truth about money to audiences all over the world for many years now. He is an ardent student of E. C. Riegel's works. His teachings and philosophies incorporate the foundational and visionary facts of money and mutual credit which are incorporated into the very base operations of the Riegel Monetary and Exchange System&trad; (RMCE&trad;). There are only a few areas where the RMCE differs with Mr. Greco, and these are points wherein he departs from certain absolutes as taught and established by Mr. Riegel which I feel are strictly not negotiable for the security of any proper monetary system. Please enjoy and be sure to send me your questions and comments via the form at the bottom of the homepage. You can visit his site immediately below for many more presentations and a wealth of other relative information on monetary issues:

First, here is a 34 page PowerPoint that powerfully yet simply illustrates the corrupt basis of the present monetary system. It also explains the benefits of a desirable alternative currency system such as the RMCE and how it should properly function.
Reinventing Money - a PowerPoint by Thomas Greco, Jr.

This is a 35 page PowerPoint that compares the present monetary system of today with how a proper monetary system such as the RMCE should function and how such empowers the People at the local community level.
Money, Democracy and War - a PowerPoint by Thomas Greco, Jr.

This PowerPoint by Greco goes into detail about the evolution of 'money' and how we are heading into a new paradigm of exchange wherein money as we know it today will eventually cease to exist.
End of Money eBook - Thomas Greco

This PDF eBook by Greco explains much of the history of money as we know it as well as what is needed based upon the works primarily of E. C. Riegel:
Money Ebook by Thomas Greco

Videos and Audios.

Here are two very well done and powerful videos I encourage you to watch to learn more about the 'Money Power' problem:

While they are not associated with the RMCE™ or subscribe to true remedy it will provide for the people, they are helpful nonetheless in explaining a great deal about the historical fraud that has been perpetrated against us to this day.

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